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When Dan asked me to write a testimonial for him, my first reaction was reluctance. Not because I wouldn't recommend him, no far from it because Dan is one of the most gifted therapists I've ever worked with, but more so because I didn't trust that I would be able to capture his special brand of magic with words.

Dan has a gift, no doubt about it. He has been working with youth for years, somehow creating a space that invites even the most resistant kids to settle in. Therapy is in many ways a strange concept, especially for young ones, but Dan creates a natural flow that helps his clients trust both him and the process. Although his style can be seen as laidback and playful, he is always able to identify the core issues, address them in a way that speaks to his clients, and thereby help them heal their wounds. I have had the privilege to witness his work for years. Based on that, I can only characterize it as magical as I have seen healing and growth in all the kids who have been fortunate enough to find him. 

Charlotte Villemoes, LMFT


Dan and I worked together for an agency as school-based counselors and were placed at the same high school. This provided me the opportunity to see Dan in action, consult regularly with him on cases, and benefit from his clinical knowledge and skills.  I so appreciated Dan’s candor and humor which added levity and perspective to a sometimes emotionally heavy environment. Most memorable was when Dan (a tall white dude) was assigned to facilitate an all black male youth group. Dan had the uncanny ability to humbly meet and be where those young men were and over time gained their trust and their friendship. At the end of the school year, one young man said he was really going to miss Dan and had decided to become a counselor when he got older. This black male’s testimonial speaks volumes to Dan’s exquisite ability to attune to people, and to compassionately accompany them on their journey of healing and transformation with clinical integrity.

Rena Robinson, AMFT & APCC


I highly recommend Dan Little. I had the honor of being his supervisor in 2017 and 2018 while he was a counselor for at-risk youth in East Palo Alto. What makes Dan so special is his ability to engage and form trusting relationships with youth who may otherwise not confide in an adult.  He is consistent, gentle and has great intuition about how much or how little space his clients need.  Dan specializes in play therapy and other psychodynamic modalities that allow his clients to freely express themselves and work through difficult emotions. Dan also presents himself in a non-threatening and often playful manner so the youth really enjoy his presence and feel comfortable opening up with him.  If you have a child who maybe didn’t do well with another therapist, I highly recommend you give Dan a chance.

Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, LCSW

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